15 MPG

Seems that fixing the clutch has done me some good. Just did about 66 miles on £22.46 worth of ASDA Smart Price petrol. That equates to 15 MPG. Quite an improvement on the 10MPG I previously reported, though the soaring price of gas means this improvement only saves me £4 per 100 miles.

A petrol pump, yesterday.

Seems I might have been wrong about the 10 MPG too. Looks like an error in my spreadsheet caused me to calculate it wrongly (bloody software engineers…). I think the real value should have been more like 12MPG, which is still a pretty low baseline!

Off on an exciting Stag-Weekend adventure tomorrow and taking The Duke along with me. Will be a good opportunity to gather more data, as well as calculating my own Vodka-MPG. Expect photos and results in a few days!

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