A Quick Update

After four weeks off, I’m back and have started working on The Duke again. Some good news and some bad news from the four or five hours of work I managed to fit in on Sunday.

The fuel tanks are bolted on and I bought 25l of finest unleaded as a light snack for my big green friend. Split over two tanks he’s far from full – but it proves that the tanks are sound and the pickups and gauges work on both of them. I think the tanks are going to happily take 40-50l each, which gives me good range – even at the expected 12MPG – but will cost a bloody fortune to fill up!

Getting the fuel tanks on is a bit of a milestone in the project, as it means that The Duke is pretty much mobile and more or less car shaped! Still loads to do before he’s legal to drive though.

The other jobs I finished yesterday sound pretty boring but involved quite a bit of faffing about and are just as important to the project as some of the big stuff. Got the windscreen washers working – they are bloody powerful and need aiming carefully! Also bolted on the door check rod bracket and fitted the new seats that Debbie and Jason got me for Christmas last year!

Fitted a replacement brake light switch only to find that it was faulty, so that’s getting posted back today (and replaced with a better quality version).

Seems that however well the project is going, the day always ends with some bad news. This time it was the clutch, which at best needs bleeding and at worse needs some new bits. The exhaust pipe seems to have come away from the manifold again too, so there’s a bit of blowing going on; though that shouldn’t be too hard to fix.

Hopefully more updates soon!

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