Busy Bank Holiday

Busy day of Dukin’ today.  Fitted the flywheel housing and new oil seal to the 200TDi the went outside to enjoy the sun and paint the rear crossmember – a job I’ve been putting off for over a year!
 Here’s another oil seal – banged in to the flywheel housing as per usual with a block of wood.

Here it is from the other side.  The protector/guide fitted the right way round with the “fat” end towards the engine.  I lubricated it with some new engine oil before fitting and used a paper gasket this time, rather than bathroom sealant.

I used two long bolts to support and guide the housing into place.  The bolts which attach it to the engine are not long enough to make contact with the block before the oil seal guide starts to push through, so I needed to support the weight and keep it straight while pushing the first few millimetres by hand.

Tightening the flywheel bolts

Starter motor fitted and exhaust manifold in place.  Plenty of room for everything to coexist when no turbo is fitted.

Looking better in green than it did when it was a black and rusty lump.  However, the difference between brand new Deep Bronze Green and 30-year-old Deep Bronze Green is quite apparent!
Also, just for the record I fixed the brakes last week.  Turns out I’d cross threaded the pipe into the cylinder ages ago and it had finally worked itself loose.  Thank heavens for split circuit brakes!  Anyway, all fixed with a brand new cylinder now so we’re back on the road!

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