Double Tricopter Failure and Flight of the Firegoat

Popped to the Green last night to test out the 6-way tricopter from my last post.  Something was horribly wrong with the control system and after the second massive crash an arm snapped off.  I doubt I’ll bother to rebuild the stupid thing!

The second crash also took a blade off “The Firegoat” – Dr Johnson’s newly completed quad.

Flying a quad is a totally different kettle of fish.  Much more docile and easy to control it just hangs about in the air.  The tricopter is very much more acrobatic – able to spin 360 degrees in about a second and with (I am told) a very helicopter-like feel.  The quad feels slower and more docile with very sluggish rudder… perfect for learning to fly, carrying a GoPro and learning FPV.

Inspired by this, and the never ending quest to minimise weight, this month’s man budget went on a selection of carbon fibre tubes and sheets to make a quad and hopefully Tricopter 4.0.  The 6-Way project will be “put on hold” for now I think!

Beacon Hill Tricopter

Dr Johnson, Dr Kelly, my trusty assistant and I went for an early morning walk to the top of Beacon Hill this morning. We began our climb at 7am sharp, leaving the noise of the Newbury Bypass behind as we clambered through the scrub. The newborn sun cast a golden light upon the dew-soaked turf of the earthworks and a strong wind from the West made it almost impossible to fly a Tricopter. Luckily, we had tea, coffee and cookies as well as the soothing tones of Dr K’s Saxophone to keep us entertained.

Managed to record a couple of minutes of footage, but the wind made for a very bumpy ride and a nasty smudge on the camera lens puts a damper on the quality too.

The tricopter is still very down on power, especially with the newly-fixed GoPro and force 10 gale. Maybe now is the time to convert it to a hexacopter… watch this space!