A Trip to Bruce Tunnel

Dr Johnson and I took the canoe out to Little Bedwyn today and paddled it past Crofton Locks to Bruce Tunnel.  Was a great trip and the weather was more-or-less kind to us all the way.  Paddling through the tunnel was a bit scary.

On the way there and back we drove along a couple of short lanes and finally dirtied those shiny green wheels!

Thanks to Dr J for some of the photos!

Slightly overgrown
Very few biters around in the morning
Entrance to the tunnel
At this point, Dr J asked “What if we capsize?”
Snake!  First wild one I’ve ever seen in the UK

Having a 16 foot canoe on the roof makes it much more of a challenge – spent as much time watching for branches as I did looking for potholes and ruts!

West Berkshire Green Lane Pic-o-rama

Driving the drovers in places they were meant to be driven
Dr Johnson remembers he’d forgotten to engage his hubs 
Dr Johnson and his assistant plan the route
It’s hard to take photos when driving!
Sausage break.  Dr Johnson’s assistant does the cooking
The Duke shows off his new wheels and tyres – all £300 worth!

STOP PRESS:  More photos taken by Dr Johnson and/or his assistant:

Most exciting moment of the day:  Going under a fallen tree
In convoy
Parked by the Gallows

Manventure – February 2012

Went away for a couple of days last weekend to Blaenavon in South Wales.  Had a brilliant time and managed to fit in a bit of green laning in West Berkshire on the way there and back.  Here’s some pictures and there’s a video too.

Getting going

Parked a bit close
This pictures reminds me of one taken in 2010…

The Duke splashes through the same puddle a couple of years ago

Man Pose
Stopped for a cuppa

Boring video, I know, but the camera was only held on with gaffa tape and we were too scared to attach it to the bumper on any of the muddier and more exciting lanes!

Sodbury? Sod all more like…

It’s Sodbury day again!  Dr Johnson and I headed down there in The Duke as usual.  Though this year is the first in which both The Duke and Plum are on the road we couldn’t afford the fuel costs of a convoy!

Plum and The Duke doing some posing 

The sortout this year was probably the worst one yet.  We had our first hint that it might not be up to much when we counted only two series ‘drovers in the car park.  When we got to the field itself, we found it full of overpriced Disco-Bling and equally expensive, non-Land Rover-specific, surplus tat.

Dr J attempts to boost his mood with a cola shot

It’s probably a good thing that this year we didn’t have much of a shopping list.  Dr J was after some tyres, which proved fruitless.  Last year just about every stall had one or two stacks of rubber doughnuts going for bargain prices; this year you’d be disappointed unless you were after mega-aggressive mud-pluggers for £200 a pop. Lots of the other stalls were selling tools, equipment, surplus bits and bobs.  I almost dropped a reasonable sum on a beefy air compressor, but bottled it in the end.

Bit and Bob vendors

Sodbury is just a small part of the auto-jumble though, so there’s plenty more to look at.  I was quite overwhelmed by a stall selling just about every type of aluminium bar stock available.  Their prices seemed pretty good so I picked up a few chunks for about £30.

I need a haircut.

I also got a chunk of exhaust pipe to chop up for the 200 TDi project and a 2 ton chain hoist (for a very reasonable £25).  Dr J picked up a bag of ratchet straps and a money box.

Quick tour of the museum

So, that’s Sodbury done for another year.  Was a good day out, but hardly an amazing treasure trove these days!