Clutch: Done!

Two more days of work on this and the new clutch is finally in! Fitting the gearbox is not really a one man job. By the end of yesterday, with the light fading, I still had a list of jobs as long as my arm to complete. Coupled with a nasty cold, this left me rather despondent. Today was a new day though and with the sun beaming down from on high, the Gods of the Land Rover smiled upon the project and everything was done within three hours.

Just been out for a test drive round a muddy byway just South of the M4. Works well in two and four wheel drive and it felt great to be out and about on such a beautiful day.

Speedo is still knackered and there hasn’t been much of a change in top speed. Still, mustn’t grumble…

Here’s the new oil seal in place. Very scary job fitting the flywheel housing. The key thing is to keep the forming tool pressed as hard as possible against the crankshaft end while pressing the housing on as slowly and uniformly as possible.

Flywheel housing in place. It’s been sat in the back of The Duke for a couple of weeks. The rust that’s formed is purely from moisture in the air!

Handy hint: The old steering rod is just the right diameter to make a clutch alignment tool. All that’s needed is a hacksaw!

Here’s the pressure plate fitted.

This crappy little winch cost £8 including delivery off eBay. Might not look much but it lifted the gearbox without any problems.

Aligning the box was hard work. Jack at the back and winch at the front got it roughly in place. In the end I pulled them together with some vice grips and a couple of welding clamps.

Gearbox back in place. Woo!

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