Here’s some pictures from the last couple of evenings, over which I’ve stripped off the clutch master and slave cylinders for replacement. They both came off really easily, especially the slave which benefited from being in the under-engine oil bath present on most Land Rovers!

The back of the master cylinder – no clue what the bracket is for!

The bits for the inspection hatch on the top of the pedal assembly.

Undoing the nut and bolt which hold the slave cylinder to the pedal assembly. There’s another underneath though, so the pedal had to come off.

Undoing the pedal is actually very simple. The bolts go through the bulkhead into captive nuts, which makes removing them very simple.

Once the pedal is out, it’s quite simple to get things undone. The nuts on the shaft, where it attaches to the pedal, are slightly hard to undo. In the end I grabbed the shaft with mole grips to stop it spinning.

I expected the slave cylinder to be a pain to get off, but it turned out to be dead easy. First job was to undo the bleed nipple.

Tied the pipe out of the way to keep it a bit safer.

Half inch socket on an extender made it easy to undo the two bolts. The inside of the slave looks a bit on the grotty side, but I have to say there were no signs of any leaks.

Next job is to order some replacements and get them fitted and working.

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