Double Tricopter Failure and Flight of the Firegoat

Popped to the Green last night to test out the 6-way tricopter from my last post.  Something was horribly wrong with the control system and after the second massive crash an arm snapped off.  I doubt I’ll bother to rebuild the stupid thing!

The second crash also took a blade off “The Firegoat” – Dr Johnson’s newly completed quad.

Flying a quad is a totally different kettle of fish.  Much more docile and easy to control it just hangs about in the air.  The tricopter is very much more acrobatic – able to spin 360 degrees in about a second and with (I am told) a very helicopter-like feel.  The quad feels slower and more docile with very sluggish rudder… perfect for learning to fly, carrying a GoPro and learning FPV.

Inspired by this, and the never ending quest to minimise weight, this month’s man budget went on a selection of carbon fibre tubes and sheets to make a quad and hopefully Tricopter 4.0.  The 6-Way project will be “put on hold” for now I think!

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