Engine In

A while ago now, Dr Johnson popped round to help lift the 200TDi engine into The Duke.  This was by no means easy, but we managed it in the end!

Manhandling the engine into place
Lining it up with the engine mounts and gearbox was a nightmare – taking a good couple of hours
We started work at 6pm and finally got the engine and gearbox mounted by midnight

In the subsequent couple of weeks I have been working on mounts for the alternator, adapters for the fuel pipes and a pipe to link the exhaust manifold to the petrol engine down pipe.  The exhaust pipe has probably been the biggest job, so here are some pictures…

I used a spare mounting plate from the exhaust I picked up at Sodbury to make one end of the pipe.  This had a larger diameter than the pipe itself (as you might expect!) so I had to flare the pipe end as shown.
Pipe flared and welded to plate.  I tested the pipe for leaks by blocking up one end with my hand, blowing down the other end then squirting on cutting fluid to check for bubbles.  Found a few and fixed them.
Both ends of the adapter pipe.  The manifold mounting plate was custom made on the lathe/mill.  If I did this again I’d probably do the same for the plate on other end!
Welded together with appropriate curve
In place on the engine. 

The exhaust adapter will do for a while, but I don’t think it’s a very elegant solution.  The diesel engine’s exhaust port is about three inches further forward than the petrol, so the whole exhaust ended up getting pulled out of place.  This means that the back box is now fouling the chassis slightly, which may lead to noise in the cabin.

The best solution, I think, is to buy a new petrol down pipe then modify it to fit properly.  For the moment though, this will do.

Final picture is of the fuel pipe adapter I made for the fuel pickup.  This allows me to use 8mm hose all the way from the tank to the engine with no adapters and no need to modify any of the military tank connections.  Didn’t take long to knock this up on the lathe and I kept the old pipe in case I ever want to go back.

Fuel pipe adapter (the copper bit!)

Plenty more to do, including the alternator mountings, water pipes, electrics and so on.  Hopefully more updates soon!

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