Engine Out

Few more hours of work today and the Petrol Engine is out.  Lots of things to disconnect then some serious hoisting and out it popped.  Also found another connector on the oil cooler and managed to get that off really easily.

Radiator Off
Air filter mounting and oil cooler off.  Almost ready to go.

The engine hoist and strap I got off eBay worked brilliantly.  The annoying thing is that the lifting eye on the back of the engine is right up against the bulkhead, so getting the shackle on there was a pain.

Up up and away!

Was really pleased to see that the new clutch and oil seal I put in over a year ago were in tip top condition.  The inside of the bell housing was as clean as the day I bolted it all back together.  

Don’t know where to put the bloody thing now!

By the time I managed to get the engine out it had started raining pretty heavily, so I lowered it down, packed up and headed in for dinner. Hopefully the weather will be on my side tomorrow and I can get the gearboxes swapped over.

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