Frosty Brake Replacement

It’s not snowy or rainy at the moment, so I decided to get up extra early this morning (well, 8am) to get a few hours done on The Duke before we go to a wedding later on today.

Donning my long johns, two T shirts, fleece, walking boots and woolly hat I ventured out into the garden at about 9am and got started. The temperature probe on my new multimeter gave a reading of -4 degrees. Cold!


I would have finished the job today – maybe Lorna could even have been bribed to come out and help me do some bleeding – but on the last cylinder (rear left) the bloody nut sheared and I had to saw off the brake pipe. So now I need to get yet more stuff sent through the post before I have working brakes.

Front left with new cylinders and pads back on

I spent well over £100 on new parts for the brakes. Have heard quite a few damning reports on the replacement cylinders that are available so spent about four times as much on “genuine” Lucas replacements. I think the brakes are the one part of the project where spending a bit more is a sensible idea!

Round the back of the front left. New pipes and bleed nipple visible.

Here’s a typical example of an old cylinder. Don’t look too terrible, but they’re pretty badly seized.

Rear left brake all back together – though I still need a new pipe to finish the job.

Scrap cylinders and pipes

So, the new pipe will be ordered tomorrow and hopefully fitted next weekend. Then I just need to start on the welding and I’m ready for MOT take two.

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