Gearbox Investigation

This is more of a utility post than something that anyone is going to find massively interesting.  Hopefully you’ll like the pictures though.

Now I have a plan to do some more major work on The Duke I am feeling much more motivated to get stuff done.  The overdrive is crying out for a gearbox to be bolted to, so this evening I unpacked all the bits I carefully put away last summer and started to check them out. Eventually I’ll have a list of everything I need to rebuild the box.

Gearbox main and lay shafts with all the gears and synchros in place.  I now understand how a gearbox works!

Detents and interlocks on the gear selectors
In fourth gear

The only real problem with this gearbox (which the guy who sold it to me said has been rebuilt quite recently) is reverse.  To get the shaft out you need to warm the box with a blowtorch and then tap the shaft out with a hammer and drift – a process which sounds complicated but turned out to be very easy indeed.  Not only is the gear itself worn out, but the shaft is worn badly too!
Even with a roller bearing, the shaft is very badly scuffed.
Couldn’t resist trying the overdrive on the transfer box. 
Have the day off tomorrow, so watch this space for more photos!

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