Greenham Common Sunrise

Woke up early and met Dr Johnson just after dawn at Greenham Common. The control tower car park was closed so we stopped in a lay-by with the dog walkers and wandered over to the north taxiway. The ground is very wet and I am hopelessly out of practice with FPV so I stuck to line-of-sight flying. Turns out I am also out of practice at that as after about 10 minutes I got disoriented and crashed, snapping a leg off and ending the festivities for the morning.

Since flying was out of the question, we decided to go on a survey mission round the base. It was my first time on the airbase so was quite interesting to wander over to the bunkers and stare through the fence. The runway has been torn up and bulldozed into lumps to stop planes landing, so where the mighty B52s once rumbled in to land there’s now just gravel and gorse bushes. Saw the odd cow and some horses too, since the common is now common land again.

Here are some photos and a video from the ‘copter. I am somewhat annoyed that a drop of water got on the lens (again!) and smudged up the image. We shall return to the base soon I hope.




Snapshot 2 (15-02-2013 08-31)

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