Leaf Spring Refurbishment

The leaf springs on the back of The Duke are rusty as hell, but seem to be in good condition otherwise. They need some serious TLC.

Research on the Internet leads me to believe that the best course of action is to disassemble the spring, grind and polish the individual leaves, apply a thin coating of “moly grease” to the inner surfaces, reassemble and either bind up with “denso tape” or paint to protect from external rust. New U bolts, bushes, and fittings should then be used to put things back together again.

So, I’ll need some moly grease, new fixtures and fittings for the rear springs including bushes (apparently polyeurethane are best), a polishing wheel for the grinder and maybe some Denso tape too (apparently it’s also useful for protecting nuts from corrosion).

I also want to replace the shocks. It’s possible that they’re fine, but they are very rusty on the outside and don’t cost much to renew.

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