MOT done, brakes done in!

On the way back from the passed MOT this evening I pressed down on the brake in a traffic jam and there was a cracking/popping sound from the rear offside area and the pedal went a bit spongy.  I guess the pipe must have been a bit stressed by all the work going on on the wheel hub over the weekend…

Speaking of the wheel hub, before the brakes broke, the garage rang me up at work to tell me the wheel was still wobbly.  Seems I hadn’t tightened the big nuts up against the wheel bearings hard enough so the drive out to the garage had loosened them.  He tightened them up again for me for the princely sum of £15, bringing the total MOT cost up to almost a ton this year.  Worse than that was the blow to my ego.  How can I show my face in public again?

So I have an MOT, my pride is slightly dented and I need to make a new brake pipe and bleed the sodding things again!

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