MultiWii Mission Report

Just been out to do a quick 20 minute flight with the MultiWii plugged in.  Verdict is overall a good one, though to be honest it flew better with everything but the gyros disabled!

Started off with some setup trouble.  Though I was sure I’d got all the motors spinning up at the right time on the bench last night, we ended up swapping a couple of the motor cables over and tweaking around with motor directions.  I also needed to reverse my rudder channel (in addition to the ailerons) but that wasn’t a big deal.

Flying with just the gyros enabled seemed fine.  Slightly different feel in the sticks but that was probably due to the different rates and expo settings.  It seemed very stable – in fact it was  stunningly locked in on the yaw axis.

Flipping the switch to turn on the accelerometers, magnetometer (compass) and barometric pressure sensor made a big difference too.  I terms of altitude hold, the pressure sensor seemed to make things worse – there was a large, slow oscillation up and down which needed to be counteracted on the throttle in a very unnatural sort of way.  As far as heading hold was concerned I didn’t notice any change.  With the compass off there was no movement on the yaw and there was still no movement with it enabled.  In terms of pitch and roll, the accelerometers did seem to lock this in more, but tended to give a drift backwards and to the right.  Compensating this with the trims on the transmitter didn’t seem to work too well.

I think there is more calibration on the cards!

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