New Engine Shakedown

Just a few pics of the new engine.  Thanks to the burgling sons of hookers who took my camera, the photos are all taken on my phone…
Big scary bugger as it arrived on the garage floor.  Took me a while to build up the nerve to start mucking with it.
Alternator and power steering pump removed.  Turbo is in great condition but isn’t likely to make it into The Duke.  The extra power is bad for the gearbox and apparently the economy is better without the turbo.
Taking the “damper” off the front of the crank shaft.  I made up this “special Land Rover tool” from some M6 bolts and a couple of chunks of scrap.  The middle hole is tapped so the bolt can be tightened to pull the wheel off the shaft.
Having a machine shop in the garage really makes life easier!
Manifolds, turbo and suchlike removed.  Looks far less scary now!
Cam belt cover removed.  Looks good as new, but I think it might be worth replacing it (well, Dr J said I should…)
More later hopefully!

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