Outriggers Done

Well, it was a lot warmer today, but it was raining. So today’s welding had to be done under the cover of a tarp.

Johnson had informed me that the tacked-on driver’s side outrigger was in the wrong place. After a test fitting of the tank it turned out that this was untrue! All I had to do was finish the welding and bolt the tank in place.

I now have the tanks back on, a thick layer of underseal splodged all over and some re-done bolts.

New springs arrived Friday, so I now have everything I need to bolt the front suspension back together. Before that though, there’s one last patch to weld onto the front spring hanger.

Hopefully I’ll manage to get that done tomorrow. Now I have to go shopping for wedding rings with an inch think layer of underseal and oil on my hands!

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