Post MOT Welding Woe

Found the places where I need to get busy with the MIG for the MOT. Here are some pictures…

This is the fuel tank outrigger on the passenger side. There is a tiny hole rusted through on the end. Likewise on the driver’s side.

Here’s the hole – the big one is drilled, so OK. The small one that’s more of a crack than a hole is the problem. To be fair to the MOT man, the one on the other side is bigger and this outrigger is very close to the seatbelt mounting.

This is the big one – the underside of the front spring hanger on the driver’s side. Lord only knows how I didn’t spot it. It’ll need quite a big patch and will involve some upside down welding.

Patching the spring hanger will do the job, but the outriggers will be a real pain to get to with the welder. I am actually considering replacing them, as grinding them off and welding on new ones would mean less of the body being removed for access. Only problem is that I can’t find replacement parts!

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