Quite Dashing

Decided to add a cigarette-lighter-style 12v socket to The Duke’s military dash for stuff like the satnav.  The old dash is pretty knackered and full of unused holes etc, so I made a new one out of a sheet of aluminium I got off ebay recently.  The pics show the process…

Old dash and 6-way light switch
New plate screwed to the milling machine. Screwing it down to a chunk of scrap wood worked really well.
Didn’t have a drill bit big enough or a fly cutter small enough, so drilled round the edge and filed the larger holes.
Hammered the straight bend on the top edge
The curved edge at the bottom was harder to do. I filed a matching curve into the edge of the wood to make a template and carefully hammered over that.
Hammering the curve.
Finished product. Just needs a lick of paint!

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