Fitting and bleeding the clutch couldn’t have been easier! Just hope it doesn’t leak and make me look stupid! Lorna gave a hand (or a foot) with the bleeding process. Luckily, her dad has press ganged her into helping to bleed his brakes for the last 20-odd years, so she’s a seasoned professional!

Ran a good quantity of fluid through the pipes to flush the system and then bled it properly. Started the engine and got into gear no problem, so getting off the ramps was much easier than getting on!

The pedal box and bulkhead were pretty nasty. Cleaned them both and gave them a coat of Hammerite to give a bit of protection.

The slave cylinder mounting was as clean as a whistle though!

Slave fitted. Not too hard a job, once everything was lined up and I’d found space for my head under the chassis!

The painted pedal box with new master cylinder.

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