Shameless Tinkering

The XBox is broken, there’s nothing on the TV and the budget can’t stretch to Land Rover parts til pay day. Time for some shameless tinkering.

Spent most of the weekend clearing out the shed, which gave me the sneezes to end all sneezes and the headache to ruin all Saturday nights. Thousands of spiders are now homeless, there’s a boot load of crap waiting to go to the tip and every time I blow my nose, my hanky goes black.

That done, the tinkering could begin. Bitten hard by the cleaning bug I spent most of my time putting stuff away, sweeping and screwing the dash back together. Lorna still does a face when she looks at it, but I think it’s looking pretty tidy in there now.

Inside the cab. Some German car engineers are coming over this weekend to learn a thing or two about luxury.

The military dash. All spanked up and working (though there are some bulbs hidden behind there with nowhere to go).

The main dash. Looks OK. A few new bits needed but you’d never know!

I also took a couple of pictures of the brake light switch which I got working a few days ago. Tested it again today and it’d ceased up. Managed to fix it by smacking it on the bumber (again). Will have to keep an eye on it; it’s not really a component I’d want to go wrong.

The brake light switch sits behind the brake servo.

The brake light switch.

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