News - January 2007

Here are some randomly selected news headlines from the world of Delphi and .NET.

Vista and Office 2007 Launch - There's no room left at Microsoft HQ, but you can still be a virtual attendee at the launch of these two gargantuan offerings. Technical sessions run throughout the day on Vista and Office related topics.

Even more reason to watch online (from Brian Long):
If you need tempting any further, a little birdy tells me that clues will be dropped into the online coverage. The first 1000 submissions of the correct answer to a question posed at the end of the day get a copy of the Ultimate SKU of Windows Vista or Office 2007

Microsoft have started a Pilot Programme for making hot fixes freely available

WebDD is a free developer community day for web developers to be held at Microsoft Campus in Reading on Saturday 3rd February.

An Interesting article on CodeGear by Stacy Cowley.
CodeGear's innovation plans include a move into tools for dynamic languages like PHP and Ruby...

Allen Bauer's Review of 2006 makes for interesting reading.

Bill Gates' keynote address from CES is now available for viewing here.

Not everyone loves Vista! The Free Software Foundation has set up the Bad Vista Campaign which exists to hurl abuse at the otherwise undisputed champion of next generation operating systems. Complaints include the apparent inability to move a Vista licence to a new PC, Vista's overly harsh content protection and a more general unwillingness (or lack of motivation) to bother with an upgrade. But how much of this is valid criticism and how much is just the usual anti-Microsoft scaremongering?

March 2007 will see the last "formal" release of the Delphi Magazine - see Julian Bucknall or Dr Bob for more details.

Hints about the Delphi Roadmap from Dr Bob.

Google released their Web Tool Kit last month, which allows users to do front-end design in Java and then "compile" the Java code into standards compliant JavaScript and AJAX. All sounds very similar to Microsoft's AJAX for ASP.NET stuff...

The 4 Chaps recommend this interesting looking tool: Regex Buddy.

The 4 Chaps have just released the second episode of their two part podcast on giving great presentations.

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