Stuff To Do

Here’s a list of things to do for Phase II…

Engine: It’s running, but it needs some extra bits and bobs.

  • Carb-elbow adapter hose – DONE
  • Air filter hose (can use part from 2.25l diesel engine) – DONE
  • Renew heater matrix pipework – DONE
  • Check heater matrix for leaks – DONE
  • Renumber distributor leads
  • Neaten up distributor cabling – DONE
  • Advance/retard suction hose – DONE
  • Rocker cover breather tubing
  • Oil breather tubing via emission control valve (missing) to side of carb adapter – DONE
  • Attach and adjust choke cable – DONE
  • New oil
  • New oil filter
  • Top up air filter
  • Carb throttle linkage (Haynes pp. 3.9)
  • Carb adapter fixing nut (3/8″) – DONE
  • Replace timing chain

Chassis and fixings: Starting with the rear portion of the chassis, so the tub can go back on ASAP. The front can be done at a later date. Whether the seat box and wings need to come off remains to be seen.

  • Renew fuel tank fixings
  • Renew spring hanger nuts, bolts and bushes
  • Renew checkstrap nuts, bolts and bushes
  • New shock absorbers
  • Replace rear crossmember and make good chassis
  • Replace outrigger(s)
  • Clean and treat springs
  • Clean and paint/under seal rear axle assy
  • Strip, underseal and waxoyl rear of chassis (do the front later!)
  • Strip out old rear wiring loom
  • Check rear diff oil levels

Electrics: Just a few more things to do on the electrics.

  • Fit screen washer
  • Resolder fan resistor – DONE
  • Generator field winding supply
  • Starter solenoid boots
  • Starter motor boots
  • New rear wiring loom including new fuses

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