Welding finished

I’ve said this before and I’m sure I’ll probably say it again: All the welding is now finished! Not much to say about it really. Wasn’t the simplest bit of welding, but I managed it in the end.

Here’s the hole, all cleaned up with the grinder.

Here’s the patch. Luckily I had a bit that was almost exactly the right size, so I didn’t need to do much cutting. It’s very handy that Series Land Rovers come with a metalwork bench bolted to the front – the bumper!

Here’s the patch clamped in place ready to be welded.

And here it is welded on.

The heat from the welding burned away much of the underseal around the area, exposing the chassis number, as stamped by a Solihull factory worker in 1981. Proof that The Duke is not a ringer!

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