Wheel Bearing Wreckage

The Duke failed his first MOT of the year this Monday.  The news wasn’t massively bad – just some play in the rear offside wheel bearing.  So I ordered the parts and took the day off to sort it out today.

The wheel had a really good wobble going on.  To be honest, it’s a miracle it hadn’t fallen off!  On the morning of the epic journey to my stag do last year, Dr J noticed that the hub on this wheel was loose – or at least the bolts weren’t fully tightened.  While performing a roadside repair I snapped one of the bolts half way down.  Then we went away for the weekend and drank until the memory of the event was totally expunged.

So I shouldn’t really be shocked to find that the inner bearing was absolutely, totally and completely destroyed.  The whole area was filled with a muddy greasy gunk and the rollers in the bearing had dropped out of the cage so I had to use tin snips to get it all free.

Thanks to Lorna’s Dad I had all the tools I needed to get the snapped bolt out (really should give those stud extractors back soon…)!

Getting it all back together again was very simple.  I got a kit from Britpart because we are living in difficult times financially and it would not be right to spend my hard earned cash on genuine parts when I need it for beer.  Hopefully I can get a new MOT booked in for next week and get The Duke back on the road!

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