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Hawaii Pictures

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A tree with some pretty lights, surrounded by computer scientists

A crosswalk and a sidewalk in LA...

The beach at the Hilton Hawaiian Village

The penguins. Apparently they like hot weather. Makes you wonder why they live in the arctic really...

Flamingos. Crazy!

Our local boozer

My good self, enjoying a rather over the top drink at the local

Some hoola girls, hoolaing

Ukaleles are used to torture tourists

Even the trash cans are scenic!

Contrary to popular opinion I did not super-impose myself onto this picture!

Duke Kahanamoku - the man who made surfing cool

Psychic readings in the market

Some hoola boys (Ian's favourites...)

Cute little baby parrots

Lorna in her posh clothes, ready for the conference dinner

This is how I spent my first week

A pink hotel - the second oldest on Waikiki beach

The Hilton Hawaiian Village, home of Bill Clinton, Lorna and me!

Lorna, climbing the Diamond Head Crater.

The tunnel that leads into the crater

The view from the not-quite-top

The view from the top, looking towards Waikiki beach. I can see the pub from 'ere!

Straight down to the coast, if only there was a water slide...

The volcano is riddled with war-time bunkers

This is the Atlantis IV submarine surfacing to take us on our tour of the sea bed

Some fish come to look at the weird creatures in the underwater cigar tube

A ship on the sea floor



Inside the sub. It's a bit crowded but quite snazzy really

There is a turtle on the roof

Fireworks at the Hilton, as seen from the Sunset Dinner Cruise

More of the fireworks

The sunset - rather nice I think

Bill Clintons police escort hanging around outside our window

A scenic building on the sea front

David Fogel, conference organiser and part-tinme Superman impersonator

Me, having just eaten another huge lunch

Downtown Honolulu - not the most exciting place in the world

The Rainbow Lanai restaurant

Grounds of the Hilton. Aren't they nice?

Main street Waikiki

The Hilton's semi-private beach. Much nicer than the rest of Waikiki

Me and Lorna looking like a pair of drunks

More of those pink birds!

It gets a bit crowded on the main bit of Waikiki

Me again, on another of our little strolls

These people are doing some kind of thing I think. Your guess is as good as mine!

Waikiki again

This is where we had lunch most days, very nice!

Lorna at the Diamond Head Crater, her worst enemy!

Diamond head crater again, this time looking east towards the other islands

Waikiki from the volcano

Spooky tunnels inside the volcano

The crater rim

The crazy trail up the inside of the crater

These steps were painful, especially in the extreme heat

The Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbour

The memorial itself, over the wreck of the ship itself

The foundation for one of the big gun turrets

The ship is still slowly leaking oil

The bodies of over 1000 seamen are still in the wreck. Four of them were Taylors!

Looks a bit like a set from a 60's Sci Fi film really

Looks like a V2 flying bomb, but it's not...

Mighty Mo, the battleship Missouri, is moored near the Arizona

It's rather impressive really

Mo last served in the Gulf War, firing cruise missiles at the Iraqis

It was hit by a kamikazi in WW2 and saw the signing of the surrender of Japan

The Doctor's cabin - rather plush really

The Officer's Mess kitchens

This is the exact spot where WW2 ended. Though the exact spot was in Tokyo at the time...

The Captain's dining room, where they had a party after kicking the Japanese deligation off the ship (not literally)

It's gotta lotta medals

The comfortable working environment of your average gunner. I'll stick to my desk thanks.

The cruise missile launchers seem to be the only modern weapons on the ship

A view down Battleship Row. 8 US warships were sunk in this small space during the Japanese attack

The outside bridge area, not refitted since the 40's

The entire ship could be driven by one man, looking through this periscope!

Ping... Ping... Ping...

Lorna found the best seat in the house

Wow! Gadgets!

The view from the bridge

There are some dolphins in this picture, think I needed a longer lens

More dolphins

The south western coast of Oahu, a big contrast to the towerblocks of Waikiki

Out the back of the boat

Kamehameha The Great was the first man to rule all of the Hawaiian islends. This is his grand palace, on the Big Island

LAVA! Sadly it hasn't been hot since the 1800's

LAVA AND ME! It's bad luck to take it home though, had to throw mine in the sea


Captain Cook was beaten to death in the bay in the distance. Though he was, quite frankly, asking for it

A hot steam vent, I almost lost all the skin on my face when the wind changed

A black sand beach

More black sand beach

A big steaming volcano. Like a scene from Lord of the Rings...

That pesky lava keeps flowing over this road

One of the baby craters near Kilauea crater on Mauna Loa

An honest to goodness rainforest

Very tropical

Who wants a game of "Spot the Sting"?

I liked the rain forest. Very photogenic!

A Lava Tube. The hot lava leaves tunnels all round the area. This one has a Lorna in it

Strange flora and fauna live in the lava tubes, such as this Yetti

Lorna looks a bit flirty in the forest

The Kilauea Crater, the most active volcano on earth. Not doing anything today - must have seen us coming

It's big innit?

Huge in fact. Last errupted in the 80's apparently

A rare photo of me and Lorna in the same place at the same time, at Rainbow Falls

The water is falling over the mouth of a huge lave tube

More waterfalls, on the east coast of the Big Island

When the volcano last had a major erruption it knocked several acres of land into the sea. Whoops!

Kona International Airpot. We were told to "Go to the gate with the plane at it"

Another lava tube. A river runs through this one

Pretty flowers!

This orchid is worth $25,000. Honest!

More pretty flowers


A lifegaurd post on Waikiki beach. Very 50's

Lorna props up a tree on the sea front

Waikiki main street again

MARKET! A little touristy, but fun to look round

More of those penguins

Penguin dinner time. They eat alot then sit around all day looking bored. Typical Americans...

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