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One Day in LA

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Santa Monica peir and the beach where the film Bay Watch

Lorna takeing a rest on our stroll along the promenade

Santa Monica pier lies beyond this sign, which is apparently famous

The Santa Monica Freeway runs along the beach

The pier again, with a big wheel!

Lorna phones her Mum, who doesn't beleive we are in LA

Lorna's Little Car!

Man's Chinese Theatre is a bit famous...

...that's why I took so many pictures of it

The Kodak Theatre, next door to Man's, is the first permanent home of the Oscars

Just an average day on Hollywood Boulivard

It's Our Kent!

El Capitan - where they have all the Disney premiers dontcha know

The Kodak Theatre is subtle and understated

Can you see the Hollywood Sign?

This is a monument to the immortal line "I'm gonna make you famous..."

Lorna standing in front of the captain

Inside the Kodak Theatre is just as subtle

Guess what, it's the Kodak Theatre

The Walk Of Fame

LAPD! The world's most famous police force

The Volvo Of Fame!

John Woo woz 'ere

Sean Connery woz 'ere wiv no shooz

A Bee Gee impersonator gets in my way, Lorna gets ready to attack

Tom Hanks woz 'ere too

R2D2, C3PO and Darth Vader woz 'ere. Fantastic!

Man's Theatre again

The Simpsons, recorded forever in the pavement of LA

Famous cartoonist, movie maker and racist: Walt Disney

Brad Pitt? George Clooney? Another star of Ocean's Eleven? Nope, just little old me

Lorna showed me up by driving brilliantly the whole day, while I was unable to tell left from right and got us lost!

LA's Heros!

Lorna and the Hollywood sign

The Hollywood sign and me

Cyclists are a well known feature of Venice Beach

Reminds me of the Reading Festival with more Americans

Or maybe Camden market on a Saturday

Muscle Beach. I had *just* finished working out too

Muscle bound geezers attract the attention of young ladies

Another day on Venice Beach - Memorial Day holidays in full swing

I had *just* finshed running across this beach in red shorts with my boobs a'bouncing

This is the last photo of Venice beach

The Furama Hotel, where we stayed courtesy of Richard Branson

Finally, here's me before the holiday...

...and after. Just goes to show...

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